If Looks could Kill

Okay so I’ve been out for a while boy o boy what I’ve seen… I can’t put into words so here goes…the good… the bad… and the down right un”GLAM”orous looks of the week

Glam goddess of the week:

“Sookie”… “Sookie” now… Anna Paquin A.K.A “Sookie” (True Blood) looked absolutely Glam at the world premiere of “scream 4” @ Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood CA on April 11th 2011…Wearing Cushnie et Ochs Fall 2011… matched with Brian Atwood maniac pumps and a black clutch…Though I didn’t want to pick yet another black dress I was hoping no one would beat some of the other looks I had in mind… but this trumped them all. Glam photo by Bauer Griffin


Okay so Jessica Lowndes was heading out to Embassy Nightclub on April 15th 2011 in London sporting a lace LBD…Not sure if this is attention seeking… but it sure caught my eye and for all the wrong reasons…if a street-walker was asked to dress up… I’m sure she would think this was fashionable… even if it’s just to a club it is just too much and very un”Glam”orous. Photo by Bauer Griffin

Glam Swagger Jackers “Scream 4”:

So I wanted to just do a “lil” something on the Premiere of  “Scream 4” but once I started putting pics together I started to see a pattern and it bugged me so much that this became two projects in one lol… I guess a memo went out on the color scheme.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

photos by Frazer Harrison/Getty images North America


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